Origin Stories: A Podcast about Politics and People will launch on Thursday the 6th of September. With new episodes being released every Thursday.

Left and right. Blue and red. Elephants and donkeys. Republicans and Democrats. Liberals and conservatives. Progressives and fascists? Either way. There are a lot of ways to label folks on either side of the aisle. But the fact is, we are all just people. We share very similar yet different experiences.

In the Origin Stories Podcast, we explore the lives of many of your favorite heroes and villains in the world of politics. While it may be easy to write someone off because you disagree with their politics it is important to understand where they came from so we can move the conversation forward.

Brent Jabbour spends an hour with movers and shakers in Washington D.C. and beyond the nation’s Capital. Chatting with current and former elected officials, activists, lobbyists, and good old-fashioned talking-heads about their origin stories.

The show is released weekly on Thursdays with an hour of a new and exciting human. (Plus some people we just find fascinating.)

Thanks to Noel “Scotch” Anderson for the awesome art, John Kneip/NASAWives for the theme song “Noble King vs The Panther”, Brent’s loving and beautiful wife Lucy for the amazing support and the help transcribing. (I wrote this.) And everyone who has been encouraging as we started this project.