As I write this, I am sitting on a 1st-floor balcony of a hotel room in Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington DC. The balcony overlooks a dumpster. On hot August afternoon, you can imagine the aroma.

I live in dc. But we had some flooding at our condo in July, and while the mess is cleaned up we are stuck in a hotel. We are doing just fine. Our insurance covered everything so life is not really too bad.

This is my development blog, where I can talk about the process of making this podcast and let you know what is coming up next.

Due to the aforementioned issues with my home, the development of the site isn’t as far along as I would have hoped. But, it is going to be a pretty modest site, so I am not too concerned that it won’t be ready when I plan to launch the first episode after Labor Day.

Even with the delay in the site I have already recorded two episodes and have two more scheduled (there are numerous others who are in various stages of scheduling.)

The first episode (actually episode zero will be a pilot explaining the whole thing) will be with former Senator Byron Dorgan of North Dakota. I chose Sen. Dorgan because he is a super kind and genuine guy. He was also a good friend of my friend and mentor Ed Schultz, who passed in July and is the reason I decided to start this project. And I realized I was looking at talking to a lot who fall into the whole Bernie Sanders progressive side. Sen. Dorgan is much more moderate than my good friend Nina Turner from our revolution, who we will talk to sometime in September.

But he is still a democrat I respect, and he is also from the middle of the country, and it seems Democrats out there are left in the cold (pun intended.) I spoke him about what molded him, and prepared him to eventually become one of the most powerful democrats in America. (He was the floor leader for the Democrats when they held the Senate.) We also talked about the way conservatives wield religion, the state of the party today, and what it might take to correct the course we are on after Donald Trump was elected president. I had a blast talking to him.

I’ll tell you more about the second podcast in my second development blog. I’ll also let ya know how the upcoming recordings go.