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In Episode 006 of the Origin Stories: A Podcast About Politics and People, longtime talk radio producer Brent Jabbour speaks Ned Ryun, CEO of American Majority, about how he got into politics, being the son of a former Congressman who also once held the World Record in the Mile, and the state of politics today.

Show Notes:

What makes a Conservative or Liberal Pundit and how you get into these television debates.

We talk about Ned taking five years off between High School and College, and how he would suggest his children to do the same.

We talk about Ned’s father, Rep. Jim Ryun, a world record holder in the Mile, and how he got into politics.

We talk the need for media to be open and honest about their political bias.

We go into great depth into healthcare policy and Ned’s issues with a non-profit healthcare system.

We spend quite a bit of time talking about the and his father’s running career and the opportunities it presented. (Including some cool conversations about prolific miler Steve Prefontaine.)

We talk about how curiosity fueled his passion for traveling and learning as much as possible. We talk about some of the nationalistic tendencies of Trump and his supporters and where that can be good and bad.

We talk about his job as a presidential writer during the Bush Administration. (We also talk about his experience working in the White House on 9/11.)

We talk about Ned’s experiences with President George W. Bush through his father.

We also talk about his organizations work building conservative leaders from local government up.

We also talk about how the removal of superdelegates in the Democratic party will help the grassroots movement in the problem.

We fight over who loses more Republicans and Democrats.