In Episode 007 of the Origin Stories: A Podcast About Politics and People, longtime talk radio producer Brent Jabbour speaks with Lori Wallach, Director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch about the life experiences that brought her to the forefront of the trade debate. Lori and Brent discuss growing up in Wisconsin, how Ralph Nader influenced her, and just what exactly Public Citizen does.

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Show Notes:

We discuss what Public Citizen does and how Ralph Nader created the organization.

We also go into the specifics of what Global Trade Watch does under the Public Citizen umbrella.

We take a deep dive into Trade policy under the Trump Administration including his work against NAFTA and the TPP. We also talk about why Democrats are so split on the issue.

We touch on the trade deficit with China.

We talk about how the WTO works and how Lori got her start working on trade policy. (Hang in there folks, it’s about to get really fun.)

Lori talks about how she grew up fighting for what was right and how being one of the only Jewish families in her area.

Lori talks about how she and Nader were on the same page when it came to the shadow war over fast-track trade authority.