In Episode 009 of the Origin Stories: A Podcast About Politics and People, longtime talk radio producer Brent Jabbour speaks with Rick Ungar, host of the Pod Complex about transitioning from working in entertainment to the world of politics.

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We discuss Rick’s background in entertainment and running the Marvel animation studios in the 1990s.

Rick talks about how he started as a lawyer in the entertainment industry, and eventually wrote and created Biker Mice from Mars.

We talk about his transition from Entertainment executive to being involved in politics.

We discuss his podcast the Pod Complex, which is described as “Charlie Rose for politics,” and the need for discourse between parties.

We discuss the malfunction in Washington concerning the lack of bipartisan cooperation. In that discussion, we talk about Washington’s lack of willingness to try new things.

Rick talks about his interest in American healthcare policy helped to facilitate that transition from the entertainment industry to politics. We take that discussion into what Rick’s ideal health care system would be.

We discuss the theory that no matter how much you like your congressperson, you should fire them.

We talk about term limits, and while the idea sounds good on the surface, there are some serious issues with it.

We discuss the fact that third parties don’t want to start from the ground up in establishing leadership.

We discuss the fact that while it is important to identify the problem, we need to work more on the solutions.